Why Spring is the Best Time for an Air Conditioning  Inspection in Kingman

Why Spring is the Best Time for an Air Conditioning Inspection in KingmanEnsuring your family’s comfort during the warm summer months doesn’t have to be hard with seasonal air conditioning inspection. Regular maintenance of your AC can keep your system running well and serving your family for years. Learn why spring is the best time to book your appointment for maintenance and repairs.

Easier to Get AC Service Appointment

HVAC techs may be less busy between winter and summer, when cold and hot weather can stress HVAC systems. It’s often easier to get an appointment and any necessary parts for upkeep and maintenance during the off-season. Be ready for hot weather, confident in knowing your home will feel cool and comfortable.

Save Money

If your AC isn’t running efficiently, it will cost you more to run. By having your Trane products serviced in the spring, you won’t need to worry about eye-popping utility bills as your first sign that there’s a problem. Your tech will check refrigerants, filters, evaporator coils, condenser coils and more, to determine where there are leaks, clogs or other issues that can affect your AC’s performance.

Ensure Good Air Quality

It’s easy to think that if your AC worked well all summer long last year, that you don’t need AC inspection this year. But when your AC technician cleans and services your AC, it helps ensure your indoor air quality is good, too. And when your indoor air quality is good, it can help your entire family breathe easier, especially during allergy season.

Do You Need Air Conditioning Inspection in Kingman?

If your air conditioner is in need of service, call the reliable team at Service General for assistance. One of our trained and experienced technicians will test and diagnose any problems with your air conditioning system, making repairs promptly and efficiently. We also service your gas furnace and your heat pump. With more than two decades of service to our community, including special offers for military veterans and first responders, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality service and peace of mind. Contact us today for air conditioning inspection in the Kingman area, and ask about our financing, too.

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