Ductless System: What You Need to Know in Mohave Valley

ductless system mohave valleyKeeping your home at the right temperature so you and your family are comfortable year-round can be a challenge. If you’re hoping there might be a better solution than your gas furnace, you’re in luck. A ductless system for heating and cooling can provide several benefits you might be interested in.

Installation is Quick

Unlike your traditional heating and cooling system, the installation requires no extensive ducts. In many cases, your new system can be installed in a couple of days, depending on the size of your home. Any HVAC service and repair needs are usually resolved quickly, too, as the system is so simple.

It’s Great for Tight Spaces

Not only does a ductless solution eliminate the need for bulky ductwork throughout your home, but the heating and cooling unit is also typically mounted on a wall towards the ceiling. This avoids any interference with the placement of your furniture or the way you use the rooms in your house.

Your Utility Bills May Go Down

Because a ductless system is more energy-efficient than traditional gas furnaces and window air conditioners, they may cut your energy costs. In addition, the constantly filtered air may improve your home’s air quality and reduce the need to operate additional air filtration systems.

Ready to Install a Ductless System in Your Mohave Valley Home?

Service General HVAC is your local expert for the installation, maintenance and repair of all your HVAC systems. Our highly trained technicians are just as comfortable working on new smart home systems as they are working on common gas furnaces and central AC systems. If you want to know more about ductless systems and how they can improve your family’s comfort and your utility expenses, contact us today.

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