Replace Your Central AC Before New SEER Standards Take Effect in Mohave Valley–Here’s Why

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Even if your central AC system has a few years of life left in it, the coming changes to energy efficiency standards mean now is the time to think about replacing it. Learn about the SEER ratings, what they mean, and how it affects your energy costs.

What is SEER?

SEER is an acronym that stands for “seasonal energy efficiency ratio.” It’s a standard that allows consumers to evaluate appliances and compare brands and models based on how much energy they use and how effective they are.

How is SEER Changing in 2023?

The minimum SEER is re-evaluated from time to time, and the new guidelines coming in 2023 demand greater efficiency. Units will need to be rated 15 instead of 14, at a minimum, for use in the Southwest. The higher rating means the system is more efficient, demanding less energy to produce the same or greater level of cooling. 

How Does a New SEER Standard Affect Me?

If you’ve been thinking about doing it, now is the time to replace your AC system. A newer central AC unit with the higher SEER rating of 15 is likely to cost more than current models rated at 14. Replacing your system with a unit rated 14 saves money on utility costs over the less-efficient system you have now, plus it’s less expensive than the cost of a unit rated 15.

Are You Considering Replacing Your Central AC in Mohave Valley?

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