Need an AC Tune-Up in Lake Havasu? Here’s When to Call an HVAC Tech for Your Home or Business


Now that summer is in full swing, your AC use is probably at its peak for the year. If that’s the case, it’s important to know when your air conditioning system needs to be tuned up, as you’re asking a lot of it as temperatures climb ever higher. These are three big red flags that it’s time to arrange for an AC tune-up.

Your Utility Bills Are Skyrocketing

When your air conditioner isn’t running efficiently, it may be drawing more power than usual to achieve the temperature you’ve set. When that happens, the first place you’ll notice it is in your utility bill. A system tune-up can restore your AC system’s optimal performance. 

You Notice Odd Smells When the System Cycles On

A good air conditioning system doesn’t generate any kind of odor when using it, so if you pick up on unusual smells when the AC runs, there’s a chance it could be mold or mildew, which could risk your health if left unchecked. Your HVAC tech can clean any areas of mold and mildew from your system. 

The Outside Unit Is Making Noise

The moving parts of the outside of your AC system shouldn’t make noise when your air conditioner kicks on. If they do, there could be loose or bent parts that could interfere with the proper running of the machinery. Your HVAC tech can ensure that all mechanical parts are securely fastened and aligned for maximum cooling.

Ready for an AC Tune-Up in Lake Havasu?

Service General HVAC welcomes residential and commercial customers with large and small heating and cooling needs as well as a desire for optimal air quality. We deliver prompt and reliable installation, maintenance and service of heat pumps, air conditioning, gas furnace and air quality systems. We are the only authorized Trane dealer in the area, and we are pleased to offer financing so you can get the HVAC service you need when you need it. Contact us today to book your AC tune-up so you can feel comfortable all summer long.

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