How to Prepare for Ductless Mini Split Installation in Lake Havasu


Upgrading your home heating and cooling system is always exciting, and as many homeowners know, it’s important to be prepared for the slight inconveniences and hassles that occur. If you’re well-prepared for your ductless mini split installation, though, the entire process should be a breeze. Here’s what you can do.

Know Your Installer’s Plan

Depending on the model you choose for your home and where units will be installed, your project could take a day or two and may involve multiple areas of your home. Have a conversation with your contractor about when they’ll be in your home and where they plan to start and finish.

Clear the Space

Once you know which areas of your home the installer will need to access, you’ll have to remove any obstacles in the way. If you don’t it could seriously slow down the process or even stop it completely if the installer can’t get work safely.

Keep Children and Pets Out of the Way

Kids and pets are naturally curious, and having an HVAC technician working in your home will be very interesting to them. For their safety, though, make sure they are kept out of the way. 

Interested in a Ductless Mini Split Installation in Lake Havasu?

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Ductless Mini Split Installation for Better Home Comfort in Lake Havasu

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