Why Air Quality in Winter is So Important for Mohave Valley Homeowners


Many people think that air quality in their home is pretty consistent throughout the year. After all, your cleaning habits and daily routines are the same, week in and week out. But air quality in winter can be concerning, so ensuring your air quality system is up to par is important for your family’s overall well-being. Here’s why.

Respiratory Infections Are More Common

Viruses that cause colds and other respiratory infections are more likely to flourish in cold weather. Plus, people spend more time indoors so illnesses are quicker to spread throughout a household. Good air quality helps reduce the presence of viruses and makes the atmosphere less favorable to them.

Windows & Doors Are Kept Closed

Unlike the warm weather months when your home is regularly aired out by having the windows and doors open, winter limits airflow and circulation. Your home’s air gets stale, and you may even notice mild odors.

Surfaces Are Dustier

If you think dust accumulates faster in winter, it’s because it does. Reduced air circulation lets dust particles settle onto hard and soft surfaces in your home. A good air quality system keeps things moving and can filter out particles before they land as dust.

Do You Have Concerns About Air Quality in Winter at Your Mohave Valley Home?

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