Home Heat Pump: Your Questions Answered for Mohave Valley


If you’re looking for ways to maximize the efficiency of your home’s heating and cooling system while also ensuring reliable comfort all year long, you may be considering a heat pump. Understanding how a home heat pump works is a great first step. 

How Does It Work?

A heat pump transfers heat from one place to another using refrigerant. In heating mode, it extracts heat from the outside air, ground or water and transfers it inside your home. Even in cold weather, there’s still heat energy present outdoors that the heat pump can use. This process is run by a compressor, which pressurizes the refrigerant to increase its temperature, and then circulates it through coils to release the heat indoors. It’s like an air conditioner, but with the ability to run in reverse to provide heating.

What Are the Benefits?

Unlike traditional heating systems that generate heat, a heat pump moves heat from one place to another, so it requires less energy input. You may see significant cost savings on your energy bills. And since heat pumps provide both heating and cooling functions, they eliminate the need for separate heating and cooling systems, saving space and installation costs.

Is It Right for My Home?

The efficiency of a heat pump depends on factors like outdoor temperature and insulation levels in your home. Some are installed with the understanding that a backup heating system, such as electric resistance heating or a furnace, may be needed to ensure comfort during colder periods. 

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